Why choose shutters?

     * Durable and long lasting
     * Simple classic design doesn't age
     * Easy to clean and maintain
     * Better light control than curtains
     * Reduce hot and cold transfer through windows
     * Reduce external noise
     * Child safe option
     * Increase Privacy
     * Fit unusual shaped windows
     * Increase value of a home

Shutters have been around for many years. Dating back to Ancient Greece when then where made from marble - which proved rather impractical due to their weight.

In the 21st Century, shutters are used worldwide both inside and outside. The biggest difference is the materials used, which range from high tech plastics, to timbers and aluminium. Heritage homes still cry out for the authenticity of timber panels, whilst the more modern home can accommodate wider panels in a variety of materials. The benefits are still far reaching: privacy, light control, ventilation, protection from the elements. They also add another benefit: visual appeal. Correctly installed shutters can look spectacular and add huge value to your home, whether internal or external.



Verosol Ambience Hardwood Shutters are made from 100% sustainably sourced timber. Painted Shutters are made from Poplar, an even-grained timber, with a fine texture and flawless finish. Stained Shutters are made from premium hand- selected basswood, selected for its even grain and light colour.

Made from quality materials, Verosol Shutters are highly durable and provide timeless style. They show enduring craftsmanship compared to synthetic alternatives available.


With a versatile range of high quality paint or stain options, Verosol Shutters will complement any home interior. Painted Shutters beautifully create the classic look, and are finished with a high quality eco-friendly waterborne paint.

Stained Shutters are available in a range of popular stains, and the indistinct grain enhances the colouring process for superior consistency in finish, giving a rich, luxurious feel.


Verosol Hardwood Shutters are custom made to fit a wide range of different sized and shaped windows, making it a highly versatile option. Select from a range of special shapes and configurations such as Arch, Half Arch, Triangle, Oval or French Door.

Verosol Hardwood Shutters are available in three different elliptical blade sizes – 64mm, 89mm or 114mm, each giving a different look to suit your home.

ALUMINIUM SHUTTERS - Internal and External


Verosol offers you the choice of two Aluminium Shutter systems, both are contructed with beauty, durability and versatility in mind.

Our Ambience Internal Aluminium shutter has been designed for use exclusively indoors. Our Ambience External Marine-grade Aluminium shutter has been designed for outdoor use. In combination, they allow you to combine indoor and outdoor living. Ambience shutters are built to last in all weather conditions. 


Verosol’s Aluminium Shutter systems are available in a range of standard high quality, liquid-backed enamel powder coated finish. Verosol can also colour match your shutters to any colour from the Dulux World of Colour Fandeck. This allows you to match your decor perfectly.

Our Ambience Aluminium shutters allows you to keep the natural look and feel of a timber finish, but with increased durability and easy maintenance.


Both of our Aluminium Shutters systems come in a range of application types including bi-fold, hinged, sliding and fixed. Enjoy unobstructed views, privacy and a maximisation of your living space.

Verosol Aluminium External Shutters are available in three different elliptical blade sizes: 64mm, 89mm and 114mm. Each offers a unique look to suit your home.

Our Ambience Internal 89mm elliptical blade shutter with light weight frame, is perfect for high use and internal wet areas.



Verosol Ambience Polyresin Shutters are constructed with a high strength polymer resin with aluminium inserted reinforcements. These shutters are

a cost-effective PVC alternative to timber products whilst retaining the timeless look and feel of shutters.

Ideal for wet and high moisture areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.


All Verosol Polyresin Shutters are finished with a high quality eco-friendly waterborne paint. Available in a wide range of standard colours, the finish is consistent and reliable. 

Custom colours are not available with this system.


Verosol Polyresin Shutters are available in a range of application types, from multi-fold and hinged, to sliding and fixed. These flexible options provide non-obstructed views, privacy and maximisation of living space. 

Our Polyresin Shutters come in two different elliptical blade sizes – 64mm, 89mm, each giving a different look to suit your home.